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YITH WooCommerce Order & Shipment Tracking Premium

YITH WooCommerce Order & Shipment Tracking Premium 2.12.0 NULLED

YITH WooCommerce Order and Shipment Tracking Premium.jpg

Allow orders and shipping tracking to build trust with your customers​

Offering a positive buying experience should be the main goal of any e-commerce. Yet, the buying experience doesn’t end when the customer adds the product to the cart and pays for it; on the contrary, it’s just after paying that the user will start feeling vulnerable and wondering if your shop is reliable, trustworthy and if the product will be shipped for real, with which carrier, when will it be delivered, and what are the steps to follow in the case of a late delivery or no delivery at all.

Usability research revealed that 97% of customers expect to be able to monitor every step of the shipping process for the products they have purchased online.

YITH WooCommerce Order & Shipment Tracking allows inserting shipping information (carrier’s name, delivery date, tracking code, carrier’s site URL to track the order in real-time, etc.) into every order and showing the same data on your customers’ accounts (both in the orders list and order details) and in the orders’ emails.

Giving customers a tool to observe the whole delivery of the product with a single click will simplify the entire sale process, will help you build trust with them, and will reduce the workload of your customer support.

Choose the carriers in charge of your shipping from a list of over 480 supported services​

The plugin supports 489 carriers; you only need to select the ones provided and the tracking links will be automatically generated. You can't find your carrier on the list? Don't worry! Give us a heads-up and we will add it in a plugin update as soon as possible.
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  1. YITH WooCommerce Order & Shipment Tracking Premium v2.12.0 NULLED

    = 2.12.0 - Released on 13 March 2023 = * New: support for WordPress 6.2 * New: support for...
  2. YITH WooCommerce Order & Shipment Tracking Premium v2.8.1

    2.8.1 - Released on 15 November 2022 Update: YITH plugin framework Fix: patched security...

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