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Stackable Premium – Ultimate Gutenberg Blocks

Stackable Premium – Ultimate Gutenberg Blocks 3.7.2 NULLED

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Stackable Premium NULLED is a plugin that works to supplement and supercharge the new WordPress Editor. It adds essential blocks to Gutenberg’s arsenal and gives you an even easier design experience. It is the ultimate Gutenberg add-on with a growing number of kick-ass blocks and allows you to present messages and start an action with ease.

With modern designs, Stackable blocks are highly versatile and are meant to be usable in all kinds of webpages – be it business sites, personal blogs, portfolios and more. You also have the freedom to customize the designs to fit your own vision.

Intuitive and user-friendly interface allows you to showcase your content and beautifully design webpages without needing to learn a line of code. Stackable was built to make sure that building your dream site would be a sweat-free and enjoyable experience.

290+ Pre-set Block Designs already available in the Block Library. From very artistic to very conventional – the collection is definitely the most diverse.

Every unique design is applied to all Stackable blocks making all designs cohesive. Piece together blocks in any order to build the perfect site with top-notch design quality.

Change designs with just one click without losing your content or building from scratch.

Plugin features:

Advanced Columns & Grid Block.
The Advanced Columns & Grid is a more powerful and flexible version of the native columns block. Get access to layouts, easier column management and more precise column controls.

Advanced Heading Block. Advanced Heading is a more powerful and flexible version of the native heading block. Get access to more design and typography controls.

Advanced Text Block. Advanced Text is a more powerful and flexible version of the native paragraph block. Get access to layouts, columns, more design and typography controls.

Blog Posts Block. The posts block enables you to present your latest blog articles using great layouts. You can also choose the different details and information to be displayed.

Accordion Block. Accordion block allows you to display information in collapsible rows. This block is usually used to display text heavy content such as FAQs or to manage the display of different content in your page.

Blockquote Block. The Blockquote block can be used to highlight significant parts of a post. Use different quote styles to maximize visibility.

Button Block. Ghost Button with Gradient Hover and Scale More Effect, 2 Small Buttons with Icon or a large basic button

Container Block. The container is a robust and flexible block that allows you to combine different blocks in a single row. You can change the container layout and size to different configurations for ultimate flexibility.

Call to Action Block. The Call to Action block can be utilized to persuade your visitors to perform an action. You can prompt them to learn more, download, buy and more.

Card Block. The Card block is an all-around block to display content in a crisp layout. Use this block to elegantly display information and photos to showcase your portfolio, team photos, services, and more.

Count Up Block. The Count Up block is great for showcasing interesting and notable stats on your page. The counter will count up from 0 to your designated number when the page is visited.

Expand Block. Got something huge to say but don’t like to bombard your visitors with information? Show a small snippet of text first.

Feature Block. Feature block allows you to display a large section with a photo, title, description, and button. Use this block to easily give emphasis to notable posts that you want to highlight on your page.

Feature Grid Block. The Feature Grid block allows you to showcase several features in a stylized layout. Use the grid to highlight your growing portfolio, products, and more.

Header Block. The Header is the very first section at the top of your page. With the Header block, you can use a striking design to catch your visitors’ attention while showing what your page is all about. You can also include a brief description and a call to action to make sure people are encouraged to explore further.

Icon Block. Pick from thousands of stylish icons or upload your own SVG icon to decorate your content. Get access to different color settings – simple, gradient and multicolor and Font Awesome Pro integration.
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Latest updates

  1. Stackable Premium v3.7.2 NULLED – Ultimate Gutenberg Blocks

    = 3.7.2 = * New: WordPress 6.2 compatibility * New: Stackable blocks now appear in the new Style...
  2. Stackable Premium v3.7.1 NULLED – Ultimate Gutenberg Blocks

    = 3.7.1 = * Fixed: Dynamic Content issue where ACF image fields sometimes did not output...
  3. Stackable Premium v3.6.5 NULLED – Ultimate Gutenberg Blocks

    = 3.6.5 = * Fixed: Possible error if the theme color palette is unavailable

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