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Premmerce WooCommerce Product Filter Premium

Premmerce WooCommerce Product Filter Premium 3.6.2 NULLED

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Create Any WooCommerce Product Filter​

Create custom filters for your WooCommerce store with Premmerce WooCommerce Product Filter Premium NULLED. Filter by price, categories, tags, stock, color, rating, or any attribute. Filter fast, and bulk generate pages for SEO.

Create Product Filters in Minutes​

You can set up product filters on your or your client’s store within a couple of minutes. Premmerce products are trusted by 5k+ WooCommerce stores.
  • Simple and intuitive settings
  • One-click settings to control filters
  • Trusted by 5k+ WooCommerce stores

Create Powerful Filters, Easily​

WooCommerce Product Filter lets you create whatever product filters you need. They will always load quickly, and you have all of the filter and SEO options you need.
  • Complete control over filters
  • Add filters to any WooCommerce page
  • Fast filters, great SEO

Extremely Easy for Shoppers to Find Products​

The frontend user experience is fast and fully responsive. Shoppers can quickly select their filter options. The filters load quickly. It’s easy to add or remove additional filters.
  • Fast for shoppers to find their products
  • Easy to add or remove filters
  • No increase in page load time

Generate Unique URLs for Each Filtered Result​

WooCommerce Product Filter lets you generate unique URLs for each of your filters. This is perfect for SEO, and perfect for sharing: let Google and customers get the specific URL with filters pre-selected.
  • Choose to have a unique URL for each filtered result
  • Select index/noindex for each page
  • Shoppers can share filtered URLs directly

Load Filters Fast (AJAX, lazy loading, caching)​

Your filters need to load quickly. WooCommerce Product Filter has all the options you need: lazy-load products, and use an AJAX product filter to load new filters without refreshing the page.

You can even choose how the AJAX product filtering is done, for granular control. WooCommerce Product Filter includes a built-in caching system. Results from filter queries are cached in JSON files, reducing database load. Compatible with any caching plugin.
  • Lazy load products
  • AJAX product filter
  • Caching built-in

Choose Where Your WooCommerce Product Filters Display​

Create unlimited filters and display them wherever you need: add filtering to the product categories, product search, or anywhere on your store with a shortcode or a product filter widget.
  • Show your filter wherever you need
  • Filter widget and shortcode
  • Option to add to specific archive pages

Show or Hide Individual Categories and Tags​

The WooCommerce Product Filter plugin settings offer you all the options you need. You can control specifically which product categories and product tags are included in your filter options. You can also customize the order in which they display.
  • Control which categories and tags display
  • Customize the display order

Control How Your Specific Filters Display​

For each individual attribute in your filter, choose the specific field type: checkbox, radio, select (dropdown), color, image, slider, or label (clickable text).

You can use the color or image filters on any attribute, including categories and tags – make your “green” product tag filterable with a green button, or show a custom image!

Additionally, choose how each attribute is displayed in the filter: always available, expand/collapsible, available as a dropdown, available with scroll, or as a hoverable dropdown.
  • Choose specific field type for each filter
  • Customize how each attribute is displayed
  • Choose specific images and colors for the image/color filters
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