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BricksExtras | Premium Bricks Builder Addon

BricksExtras | Premium Bricks Builder Addon 1.3.5 NULLED


The Bricks Addon you'll use on Every Project.​

BricksExtras is a growing library of elements & features, with a strong focus on accessibility, flexibility and opening up more possibilities of what you can build with Bricks.

Build it the way you want.​

The goal of BricksExtras is to help extend your capabilities with Bricks, to assist your everyday workflow without adding unneccessary restrictions or getting in the way.

Dynamic Data & Query Loops​

Take full advantage of Bricks' dynamic data options and ability to use Query loops to dynamically populate element content.

Flexibility > limited settings​

Nobody enjoys having a limited number of layouts / styles to choose from. Instead get the functionality you need from the elements and retain full control over the design.

Developer docs​

Need to trigger something outside of the built-in settings? Find JS events and functions in the docs that you can use in your own code to extend the use cases.

Accessibility as Standard​

Where possible, the elements are done-for-you accessible. And, of course, you have control & can tweak to best match your needs.

Frontend & Backend Speed​

No jQuery on the frontend, VueJS elements for the fastest performance on the backend. Minimal structural CSS. Enjoy the 'next-gen' performance matching that of any native Bricks' elements.

Support & Extensive Docs​

We're here everyday helping people build their best WordPress sites. Full documentation of all features, video tutorials showing use cases (coming) & ticketed support if you need some help.
1.3.5 NULLEDVersion
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Latest updates

  1. BricksExtras v1.3.5 NULLED

    = 1.3.5 ( September 19, 2023 ) = * [Pro Tabs] New nestable element for adding accessible tabs...
  2. BricksExtras v1.3.4 NULLED

    = 1.3.4 ( August 30, 2023 ) = * [General Conditions] - Added "Date field value", "Datetime field...
  3. BricksExtras v1.3.2 NULLED

    = 1.3.2 ( July 31, 2023 ) = * [Membership Conditions] - Added SureMembers (Access group)...

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