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WaSender Bulk WhatsApp Sender + Group Sender + WhatsApp Auto Reply Bot (V3.2.0)

WaSender Bulk WhatsApp Sender + Group Sender + WhatsApp Auto Reply Bot (V3.2.0) v.3.2.0

Changelog - 3.2.0 ( 12 December 2023) - Major Update
For All ->
* Added New Tool 'Get Poll Report' - it allows you to generate detailed report of poll which you sent to bulk numbers (for details go through updated UserDoc file)
* Added New Tool 'Social Media Data Extractor' (for details go through updated UserDoc file)
* Number filter - Added new field in results 'Is Business Account' or not.
* Number filter - Added 'Business Profile Extractor' to extract Business details if any numbers is using Business WhatsApp Account.
* Grab Chat List : Now you can Grab Your chat list based on Labels (Only for Business WhatsApp)
* Attachment filename was not same as original file name - Issue Fixed
* Manage Account- Not able to Delete Profile1 - Issue Fixed
* Google Map Data Extractor - Bug fixes
* Autoreply Bot - In Some cases Message Sending Delay - Issue fixed.
* ChromeDriver Updated to 120 - Please Update your chrome version to 120
* EdgeDriver Updated to 120 - Please Update your Edge version to 120

For Rebranders->
* Now you can disable any tool from TOOLS section (i.e. Warmer) follow updated DeveloperDoc file.

Changelog - 3.1.0 ( 18 Sept. 2023)
* Added new tool - 'WhatsApp warmer' (For Built in Browser only)
* Added new tool - 'Website EMail Mobile Extractor'
* Android Version of KeyGen is Provided - Find 'AndroidVersion.APK' file in KeyGen folder
* Polls are enabled in 'Single Sender' & 'Group Sender'
* Polls are enabled in BOT as quick reply (Available only for Built In Browser)
* Enabled Message Rotation option in 'Single Sender' & 'Group Sender'
* Added Safe and UnSafe Sending Mode options while before start campaign.
* Audio (.ogg) file sending to iPhone, Icon is not showing - Issue Resolved
* Random and KeyMarker issue resoved
* Code Simplification
* Group Finder Improved
* AutoReply Bot - Message sending twice - issue fixed
* General Settings- Updating chrome driver is more easy and user friendly
* Added BlockList in General settings to avoid sending message who are not interested in your campaigns
* Default Browser will be 'Built in Browser' if you not selected any. Previous it was Chrome.
You can switch to chrome anytime if you want from SETTINGS.
* Google Map - Now you can copy your searches and paste it in big text area.
* Russian Language Improvement
* Added New Language - 'Ukrainian'

No Version Change - (25 August 2023) - silent Update
* ChromeDriver updated to 116 - Uninstall Previous version of wasender and download again and install it if you facing any type of chromedriver issues
* Make sure your chrome and Microsoft version is 116

Changelog - 3.0.0 ( 10 August 2023)
* Added Multi Account feature in Built-in Browser
* Activation Process changed - From version WaSender 3.0.0 You need to provide your codecanyon Purchase code in KeyGen while generating License for any client
Old Keygen will not work from version WaSender 3.0.0 and above versions

How to Activate ? -> https://bit.ly/3DNZ9M9
Why this Change ? -> https://bit.ly/3KvoIFM

* As Old KeyGens will not work for latest(3.0.0) version APK file also no longer working, We will create new APK file and provide it very soon
* Rebranding Process - Logo changing Process is more smooth and less steps from now.
* Group Finder improvements - Now able to find group from Brazil
* Added 'De-Activate' License button in ABOUT section.
* G Map Extractor - Export Button no visible- Issue resolved
* Rebranding - Now you can set Any available Language as Default Language apart from Activation Process.
* Rebranding - Now no need to set Icon to each form (process updated)

Changelog - 2.7.8 ( 22 July. 2023)
* Added Built in Web Browser for Multi account feature - To Switch Chrome to 'Built in Browser' go to settings (top right corner icon) and New Option is added as 'Browser' change select 'Built in Web Browser'. Please prefer to use this Built in Web Browser, Once it get stable we are happy to launch multi account feature . because with google chrome hard to launch multi account feature. If you facing any issues , report it on our on WhatsApp.
(Estimates Date of Multi Account feature emabled - Next month first week)
* Added New Feature - Google Contacts CSV Generator - to convert number excel to 'google contacts CSV' and import them into your google contacts to add Group Members
* Parameters in Caption, sending first parameter value to all numbers - Issue Resolved
* Turkish language improvements
* Tools - Layout change
* Bug fixes
* Decided to not provide Without_Activation_Process setup file to avoide its missuse.

Changelog - 2.7.7 ( 04 July. 2023)
* Added New Feature - Bulk Group Creator
* G Map Extractor - Added ability to grab Images
* Group Member Adder - Web WhatsApp update, you can't add unsaved members, you need to save them into your contact list first.
Made provision to invite them via group link.
this is a new WhatsApp web rule to avoid spam and we have no way of interfering with this. it's better since it prevents account blocking.
* ChromeDriver updated to version 114
* Group Finder Issue Resolved
* G Map Extractor - Website and Email Id not grabbing issue - Resolved
* Code Level errors - Resolved
* Contact List Grabber Not Working - Issue Resolved

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Changelog - 2.7.6 ( 14 June. 2023)
* Contact Not found Issue - Resolved
* Group Finder not working Issue - Resolved
* Grab Active Grup members Not working Issue - Resolved

Changelog - 2.7.5 ( 25 Apr. 2023)
* Buttons - Buttons are disabled, Because of recent whatsapp update, Buttons are stopped working for all Bulk sender in market . Buttons are only available in Official WhatsApp API - Working on implementing Official WhatsApp API into WaSender.
* French language issue is resolved
* Contact Grabber - Group List grabber not working if the number of joined group is more than 200 - issue fixed
* Number Filter - 10x Performance and Speed Improved + Number Generator is Added
* General Settings - Added Second Method for 'chrome driver update'
* Grab Group Members - Now you can select multiple groups and export all selected group members.
* Grab Group Members - Added Search textbox on Select Group DialogBox .
* ContactNotFound issue - some users are facing contact not found issue - Resolved
* Group Member Adder - Always failed to adding group members - Issue Fixed

Changelog - 2.7.4 (08 Apr. 2023)
* ChromeDriver updated to V-112
* Code Level Issues while rebranding - Resolved

Changelog - 2.7.3 (04 Apr. 2023)
* BUTTONS issue partially resolved
Limitations ->
1) Working Only NORMAL BUTTONS (Call Button and Link Button will not work)
2) Buttons will not be send using WhatsApp Business Account
(Please wait for next update)

* Autoreply Bot - Issue Resolved
* Grab Chat List - Now you can get All labels along with name and number
* Contact List Grabber - Now you can get All labels along with name and number
* Contact List Grabber - Group Grabber - Now you can get Group Links along with Groups is you are admin
* Arabic and french language corrections
* Now You can send file As Audio Recording - If you select any file with .OGG extension, system will automatically send it as Audio Recording
* G Map Extractor Improvements - Added New fields -> Email Id, Category, Closing Hour, latitude, longitude ,Instagram Profile, Facebook Profile, Linkedin Profile, Twitter Profile
* G Map Extractor - Now you can use multiple keywords with multiple locations
* Brazilian Numbers issue Resolved