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MagicAI - OpenAI Content, Text, Image, Chat, Code Generator SaaS

MagicAI - OpenAI Content, Text, Image, Chat, Code Generator SaaS 5.4.1 NULLED

its showing me the same page to activate the license even if i input the sql entry....
It gives me the following error. I have uploaded the folders to the server, but then I get the error:
It happens to me locally and on the server
Tools Not Working. just keep loading. Article Wizard working perfectly. How to fix tools?
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Bro You need to set OpenAI API, Serper API, DaLL-E API, in order to make the things work, for API just gor to OpenAI's, Serper's, DaLL-E (OpenAI)'s developer's website and create your account and login and create an API Key and copy the newly generated API Keys and paste in the setting for OpenAI, Serper API, DaLL-E respectively, that's it. Then after you can enjoy the tools in MagicAI. Sadly, OpenAI is free from limited time only then after you need to pay, Serper is free for some limited features and Dall-E is not free, Devin is also not free... If you can't have those API Keys for OpenAI, Serper, Devin, Dall-E, and so on, then MagicAI app is useless for you bro... MagicAI is just useless without those API Keys. Sadly No any API Keys are free to use..... Sorry bro to make you feel sad with the fact.
How can I solve the following problem? It is given before you start, before you do anything at the beginning
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How can I solve the following problem? It is given before you start, before you do anything at the beginning
Hey Bro! All you need to install is in the root directory. For example: localhost ( or http or https://main-domain.com, MagicalAI tends work only when you install in the root directory of the main domain. Yes, of course, it works even on installing in the sub-directories or sub-domain but you need to modiy the directory either using .htaccess file or .config file or .env file. if you are a php laravel developer then you can easily do this but if you are not the developer, instead just a user then you won't be able to do this at all. so you just install in the root directory, that will work like a charm. If stiill not working check Composer or uninstall and re-install the fresh copy of composer and set path for localhost, however, for real cloud host, you don't need to do anything just install in the main domain. I do hope you will be able to fix the error.
DO NOT UPDATE to V5.5 from the panel! Do not update to V5.5 from the panel! It will break your website. Make sure to have a backup.
In version 5.5, the front and back ends have undergone significant changes, and the activation mechanism has also changed. Looking forward @raz0r to Nulled it
I tried the upgrade on the backup website, and the website went down.
The procedure is as follows: The magic_5.5 upgrade package is obtained from the root directory /tmp of the website. I tried to unzip the upgrade package to the root directory and then upgrade manually. Looks like the upgrade worked.

magicAI Updated to the version: 5.50. Please don't forget to clear your browser cache. You can close this window.

Although I executed this SQL:
UPDATE `settings_two` SET `liquid_license_type` = 'Extended License', `liquid_license_domain_key` = 'nullcave' WHERE `settings_two`.`id` = 1;

However, no matter I access the foreground or background, the page asking me to activate the License is always displayed.

I uploaded the upgrade file under tmp to the attachment, hoping someone can crack it.
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