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Zender - WordPress WooCommerce Plugin for SMS and WhatsApp [TitanSystems]

Zender - WordPress WooCommerce Plugin for SMS and WhatsApp [TitanSystems] 3.3


WordPress WooCommerce can now use Zender!​

Provide your users a plugin for integrating their zender API to WordPress WooCommerce!
This plugin generates sms plugin for WordPress WooCommerce, this also allows the zender owner to retain and keep branding of the code. The WooCommerce plugin will look like they made it!

Buying online and waiting for goods to be delivered can be an amazing experience. As a seller, you can upgrade the buyer experience by keeping them updated on the purchases and delivery. At the same time, keep yourself updated on each new order placed.

This is a plugin for Zender – Android Mobile Devices as SMS Gateway (SaaS Platform)


  • Notify seller whenever a new order is placed
  • Inform buyer the current order status / whenever order status is changed
  • All WooCommerce order statuses are supported
  • SMS content can be customized for different order status
  • These tags are supported to customize message: [shop_name], [order_id], [order_amount], [order_status], [order_product], [payment_method], [bank_details], [billing_first_name], [billing_last_name], [billing_phone], [billing_email], [billing_company], [billing_address], [billing_country], [billing_city], [billing_state], [billing_postcode]
  • Custom checkout field added from Woo Checkout Field Editor Pro is supported.
  • Notify vendor whenever there’s new order
  • Notify vendor when sub order status changed
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