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Smarty - Website + Admin + RTL

Smarty - Website + Admin + RTL 5.0.4


Smarty - Multipurpose Responsive Template for building responsive, mobile-first sites, with Bootstrap Framework.​

For begginers, UX designers, entrepreneurs, product managers, marketers, anyone. Smarty is like no other template is any marketplace because you don't need javascript and CSS skills - all javascript plugins are dynamically loaded only when are needed! All you have to do is to copy/paste HTML markups to create your own website. Is that simple!

Flexible template that extending the base components of Bootstrap has never been easier!
  • Built with the latest Bootstrap 5.x
  • Bootstrap 4.x also included
  • Admin included
  • Thoroughly customized SASS
  • Gulp automation tool to fully customize Smarty
  • Developer friendly and well-commented code structure
  • In-depth detailed Documentation with copy-paste markups
  • 100% responsive layouts & components
  • Fully production ready

Both versions included and supported!​

Bootstrap 4 & Bootstrap 5!

Smarty 3 included (based on Bootstrap 4, maintained up to 2024 - depends on Bootstap 6 release)

Why Smarty?​

Smarty does not include multiple javascript files like any other other templates inside your html files. This is a very unique feature because will speed up your website almost 10 times. A javascript plugin is loaded ONLY if needed in a specific page. Example: datepicker plugin is not loaded if you don't have .datepicker class. But when you want to use the datepicker, you don't need to include the javascripts and CSS files - only add .datepicker class to an input element and the plugin is automagically loaded. This is one of many reasons why is called Smarty.

Smarty is a bootstrap template built in a modular way. It's not only a multipurpose template, it's also an admin template included to help you accelerate your project from start to finish. The admin and the frontend has exactly the same CSS/JS files! There is no separation!

The main purpose is to save time. That's the bootstrap angle, right? With Smarty you save A LOT of time because you already have many html pages ready to start with. Smarty wil save you tons of time!
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  1. Download WrapBootstrap Smarty v5.0.4 - Website + Admin + RTL

    Version 5.0.4 Thursday, March 24, 2022 * Update: Bootstrap to v5.2.2 * Update: jQuery...

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