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Repair box - Repair booking,tracking & workshop management script

Repair box - Repair booking,tracking & workshop management script 1.0.5 NULLED

  • Notification on booking name issue fixed.
  • Storage linkage can be skipped if blocked by the hosting provider.
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    • Stripe card payment processing upgrades
    • The device's model input changed as an optional.
    • Order booking process optimized for fast booking.


  • Major framework upgrade​

    • PHP 8.1 capable
    • Laravel backend framework upgrade to 10.9
    • Tailwind framework upgrade to 3.2*
    • All other libraries upgrade.


Fixed [Urgent]​

  • Repair profit calculation (Total amount with tax - tax - cost = profit).
  • Mail outgoing notifications scheduling to process it in the background by cron job.
  • Admin notification on new bookings from the customer.
  • Custom classes in repair tracking to override.
  • Translation strings updated.
  • New permission checks (in user role) for technicians to remove/edit repair orders.



  • Repair booking embed code attributes.
  • Installation system failing.
  • Payment gateways UI
  • High-security vulnerabilities reported & fixed.
  • Optimized.


  • Repair order total amount calculations.
  • High-security vulnerabilities reported & fixed.
  • Versions update
  • Optimized.
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Download Repair box 0.7.6 NULLED - Repair booking, tracking and workshop management system​


  • Repair order handling and processing.
  • High security vulnerabilities reported & fixed.
  • Invoice layout optimized
  • Status update notification failure.
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Repair box 0.7.2 NULLED​


  • VAT calculation implementation in advance level.


  • Date time formation enhancement.
  • High security vulnerabilities reported & fixed.
  • User interface optimized.
  • Installer and license patching system improvements
  • All notifications localized
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