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phpMyJoomla 2.1.0

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Luis Orozco

Manages and exports data bases very easy from the backend of Joomla!.

Manages and exports data bases very easy from the backend of Joomla!.​

Outstanding Core Features
- Connections
You will be able to connect directly to your current database or connect to an external database without save the credentials, just introduce the data and click and change the server to Quick Connection.
  • External Server
    Also you can connect to an external database and save your credentials for a future connections.
  • Features for the data view
    Show/Hide Custom Query Form: Introduce your sql sentences and filter in the view.
    Show / hide filters: Filter manually introducing what you want to show in the view.
    Show / hide columns: Chose what columns do you want to show in the view.
  • Export the data!
    Copy or Export the data in different formats: CSV or PDF.
Architecture & Technologies
  • Datatables.net
    We used this framework to add advanced interaction controls to our tables.
  • Bootstrap integration
    Bootstrap is a powerful front-end framework, it will be extramently helpful for web development and content building based on tons of premade markups.
  • English and Spanish Languages
    You have the component in English and Spanish. Also the support in English and Spanish.
  • Font Awesome 4.7
    The integration of the Font Awesome - v4.7 allows you to see the backend in a modern style.
  • Flexible layout system
    Outstanding look and feel in all responsive layouts: Desktop, Tablet & Mobile.
  • Quick icons
    After you install the component you will have it in the components top menu and also in your principal page backend in a quick icon, so you can enter in the component from your control panel.
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