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MasterStudy LMS Learning Management System PRO

MasterStudy LMS Learning Management System PRO 4.0.12 NULLED

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MasterStudy LMS Learning Management System PRO NULLED is the most powerful Wordpress LMS plugin for online courses. It’s a flexible and innovative software to create and sell courses online. Masterstudy LMS is the ultimate choice for universities, professional trainers, entrepreneurs and starters for building LMS websites and eLearning platforms. With MasterStudy LMS Plugin you can:

Create Comprehensive Online Courses.

The feature-rich Masterstudy LMS Plugin gives you unlimited possibilities to create any kind of educational content, form courses and present it online, in the most demanded and convenient format.

Easily sell your products online.

Turn your skills, knowledge, and practices into training website and sell it in the form of online lessons and courses. Choose different pricing models and earn money with your eLearning platform.

Build an international community.

With the power of LMS Plugin, you can attract learners from all over the world. Create more than just a website of online courseware, build a strong community of people to exchange knowledge and ideas.

Take full control over the courses. Check out some features you definitely need to use.

Gradebook. Analyze students statistics: enrollments, attendance, course completion, quiz passing rate.

Trial Courses. Allow users to experience the flexibility of learning, make the first lesson free and open to the public.

Co-Instructors. Easily assign a second instructor to the course, work together and share responsibilities.

Course Bundles. Increase your revenue and provide advanced offers to learners by selling courses in packages.

Content Drip. Lock the access to the second lesson unless the completed first one or customize your sequence.

Certificates & Badges. Create beautiful certificates and award students for successful course completion.

Assignments. Add assignments to the lessons. Check student’s work, grade their performance and leave notes.

Points Reward System. Award points to students for different activities and allow redeeming them for courses.

Lessons Live Streaming. Conduct lectures in real-time, stream lessons, communicate with the students, take Q&A.

Group Courses. Sell courses to companies and organizations, create groups and assign the course to each member.

Earning & Commission. Distribute commission, set commission percentage, and effortlessly manage the whole process.

Announcement. Post interesting topics and news and communicate with students via Announcements.
4.0.12 NULLEDVersion
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    ## 4.0.12 - 2023-08-14 - **UPD**: When Modern Style is activated in the Udemy template, users...
  2. MasterStudy LMS Learning Management System PRO v4.0.7 NULLED

    ## 4.0.7 - 2023-07-11 - **UPD**: Transferred all the hooks from the old Course Builder to the...
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    ## 4.0.1 - 2022-05-16 - **UPD**: The recommended size of the certificate background increased to...

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