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Google Structured Data Pro

Google Structured Data Pro 5.3.2

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Aug 09, 2023 - v5.3.2
  • Adds the CSS Selector mapping option. Map schema properties to DOM elements!
  • Added option to select a more explicit Article Schema between: Article, BlogPosting, NewsArticle.
  • New: Adds the gtin property in Product Schema.
  • Adds the Wait Page to Render (Experimental) configuration option.
  • Fix: Unescaped characters may break structured data produced with Custom Code option.
  • Fix: SobiPro wouldn't display structured data in latest versions.
  • Fix: JBusinessDirectory would produce a php error certain custom fields under certain circumstances.
  • Fix: JEvents would throw a PHP error due to non-english dates.
  • Removes the 110 characters limit for the Article's Headline property per Google's guidelines
Tuesday, 06 June 2023

  • Added the Nationality option to Person schema.
  • Fixed PHP warning appearing when the Person Salary option is disabled.


Monday, 03 April 2023
  • New: Implements the JEvents addon.
  • New: Implements the iCagenda addon.
  • New: The Critic Review Schema now supports the "CreativeWorkSeries" type.
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Maturity: Stable
Released on: Tuesday, 28 February 2023 13:20

  • Fix: The "offers" Product schema property should be excluded when the Price option is disabled.
  • Fix: The "priceValidUntil" Product schema property does not respect the Disabled status of the option.
  • The Business Type option in the Local Business schema can now accept multiple values.
  • The Product Schema now includes the google_product_category property when available.
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Tuesday, 31 January 2023
  • Fix: [Joomla 4] Ensure Media Custom Field returns correct Image URL.
  • Fix: [Joomla 4] Cannot access protected property Joomla\CMS\Menu\MenuItem::$params when Zoo integration is used.
  • Fix: Recipe Ingredients & Instructions would not appear correctly if value contained HTML.
  • Fix: Date should be empty instead of 0000-00-00 00:00:00 as it's not in ISO 8601 format, required by Schema.
  • Updates translations: es-ES, et-EE, pt-BR
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Google Structured Data 5.1.6​

Released on: Friday, 04 November 2022 12:46
Maturity: Stable

Release Notes​

  • Fix: Not-allowed HTML tags may not be stripped out.
  • Fix: The StartDate and EndDate properties in the Course schema are not taken into account.
  • Fix: Make sure Fact Check's Title property does not exceed 75 characters.
  • Fix: The Job Posting's Description property no longer supports h1, h2, h3, strong and em HTML tags.
  • Fix: "Invalid object type for field 'brand' (optional)" warning in the Critic Review schema.
  • Fix: Custom Social Profile URLs may contain new line or return characters.
  • Removes the obsolete Description Limit option from the configuration page.
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5.1.4 - Wednesday, 31 August 2022​

  • Update Site changed.
  • Added useful notices for rating/missing download key as well as when the subscription expires/expired.
  • Fix the Location Address property is not taken into account in the Event structured data.
  • Fix: Author name is missing in some reviews in Hikashop
  • Improves detection of reviews in Hikashop