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Flexible Shipping PRO

Flexible Shipping PRO 2.16.5 NULLED

Flexible Shipping PRO WooCommerce.png

Flexible Shipping PRO WooCommerce​

The best and the most powerful Table Rate shipping plugin for WooCommerce. Define the shipping rules based on numerous conditions and configure even the most complex shipping scenarios with ease.

Key benefits of Flexible Shipping PRO WooCommerce​

Discover all the plugin functionalities, explore the vast array of features it offers and learn what it is capable of.

Weight based shipping​

Create shipping cost calculation rules based on weight or dimensional weight of the products in the cart.

Price based shipping​

Define the cost calculation rules to be based on price of the products the customers add to the cart.

Quantity based shipping​

Set the shipping cost to be based on quantity of the products' in the cart or the unique cart lines number.

Products based shipping​

Let the shipping cost vary for individual products, specific product tags or entire product categories.

Shipping by size​

Build your shipping based on volume, single product's length, width, height, max dimension or total overall dimensions.

Hide the shipping methods​

Conditionally hide or display shipping methods. Decide when they should be available to pick and when not. See how it works →

User role based shipping​

Differentiate the shipping cost in your store according to the user role assigned to the customer's account.

Shipping by date and time​

Set the date – and time-specific shipping cost or hide and display shipping methods based on Time of the Day and Day of the Week.

Shipping Classes support​

Use the shipping classes to apply the shipping cost to specific group of products and combine them with other conditions.

Free shipping threshold​

Boost your sales and offer your customers the free shipping once the given order total price is reached.

'Left-to-free-shipping' info​

Show your customers a notice on how much more they need to spend to have the free shipping granted.

Coupons support​

Choose if the free shipping should be also triggered by coupons and if the prices before the applied discount should be used.

Additional Cost​

Charge your customers with extra fixed or percentage shipping cost and determine the unit according to which it should be added.

Conditional Logic​

Apply the conditional logic to your shipping cost calculation rules to manage them precisely in specific circumstances.

Virtual products in or out​

Choose if virtual products should be taken into consideration or should be excluded from the shipping cost calculation.

Rules calculation methods​

Sum up all the costs coming from the rules, apply only the highest / lowest one or set the maximum shipping cost value.

Individual Tax settings​

Decide if the shipping methods should use the WooCommerce general – or their own dedicated Tax settings.

Ready-made scenarios​

Run through the predefined, ready to use shipping scenarios and configure your shipping in no time.

Rules table wizard​

Launch the wizard and follow the step-by-step instructions to find out how the rules calculation table exactly works.

Multi-currency compatible​

Run the Flexible Shipping PRO hassle-free with the popular currency switchers in your multi-currency store.

Translation ready​

Use the ready-made translations or translate the plugin into your target language independently using the included .pot file.

User-friendly interface​

Configure the shipping in your shop easily with in-built onboarding, hints and dedicated debug mode.

Detailed documentation​

Explore the comprehensive plugin documentation and user friendly step-by-step guides covering the whole setup.
2.16.5 NULLEDVersion
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Latest updates

  1. Flexible Shipping PRO v2.16.5 NULLED

    ## [2.16.5] - 2023-09-06 ### Added - Support for WooCommerce 8.1 ### Changed - Beacon script
  2. Flexible Shipping PRO v2.16.4 NULLED

    ## [2.16.4] - 2023-08-07 ### Added - Support for WordPress 6.3
  3. Flexible Shipping PRO v2.16.2 NULLED

    ## [2.16.2] - 2023-07-10 ### Fixed - Compatibility with plugins and themes that use newer Psr...

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