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Cryptitan - Multi-featured Crypto Software and Digital Marketplace

Cryptitan - Multi-featured Crypto Software and Digital Marketplace 4.0.0

What’s New? – v4 (09/03/2023)​

Introducing Cryptitan Commerce
Cryptitan commerce is a sophisticated and SAAS ready solution for receiving crypto payments on your ecommerce software. It features the following highlights:
- A sophisticated dashboard for your crypto payments. Generate single, multiple and expiring links to fit various payment scenarios
- Payment Link: Create shareable links to request crypto payments from customers worldwide.
- Payment API: Programmatically generate payment link on your e-commerce system with verification of payment status
- Scan to Pay: Simplify payment request by sharing QR code.
- Payment CRM: Manage records of one-time and recurring customers
- Global payout: Funds can be withdrawn to external crypto wallet or exchanged with other cryptocurrencies or fiat.
- Receive with your Token: eCommerce payments can be accepted with popular cryptocurrencies as well as not so popular ones including your own custom token.
- Payment Commission: Earn passive income from transaction activities of merchants (end user)
- ...and much more
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  • Added Crypto Staking module.
  • Added payment deposit limit per currency.
  • Retouched UI Interface.
  • and other bug fixes.
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