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ClanVent - Inventory with POS & Accounts Management System

ClanVent - Inventory with POS & Accounts Management System 3.3 NULLED


ClanVent NULLED is an Inventory Management System that allows you to manage your inventory in a more efficient way and maximize on the business potentials. From SME to large enterprises managing the inventory is always a challenge to overcome. ClanVent can solve all of those problems and tick the right boxes to ensure productivity is achieved for the users who would potentially be benefitted from this.

Detailed Features

  • Dashboard: A centralized Dashboard that is responsive and interactive for the user to take advantage of. Some of the widgets within the Dashboard can provide useful information which is critical from the business. Users can apply filters within the dashboard to avail real-time data which is efficient and time saving. Some of the widgets from the Dashboard are interactive enough that the user can directly view that information with a single click.
  • Product Management: A complete workflow for product management. Users can manage products with the option to apply different types of attributes
  • Warehouse and Supplier Management: Dynamically use the Warehouse and Supplier modules to manage the critical information of both the warehouses and suppliers.
  • Payment Gateway: ClanVent allows the user to send payment links directly to the customer with a flexible payment option including: cash, electronic & bank transfer. These payments can also be made partially in multiple transactions. The user can send invoices to the customers with the option to have multiple recipients. Once payment is completed the user can still process a refund. Users can configure the payment related information on their own using the Settings module for their maximum convenience.
  • Invoice: ClanVent stands out from other products out there when it comes to the invoice feature. It is completely customizable by the User and the level of customization is enriched with options that can simply empower SMEs or large enterprises to focus more on their productivity.
  • Reports: The Sales Report enables the user to generate dynamic yet powerful data-driven scenarios for the user to finalize on critical decision making. This particular report produces data that can be exported in different file formats expanding to either universal data or a specific one. ClanVent has many reports to meet most of the needs of the user.
3.3 NULLEDVersion
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