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Beaver Builder PRO - WordPress Page Builder Plugin

Beaver Builder PRO - WordPress Page Builder Plugin - 11/15/2023​

  • WP 6.4+: Fix extra space at the top of the UI (#3018)
  • WP 6.4+: Fix JS and pagination issues with modules that use imagesloaded script (#3021) - 10/18/2023​

  • Revert fix pagination not working on a page with the same slug as the post type being displayed because it is creating issues with WooCommerce pagination
  • Tabs Module: Fix content from the first tab displaying in all tabs if a slideshow module is rendered in a tab #2968

2.7.2 - 08/24/2023​

  • PHP 7 now required for this and future updates of Beaver Builder. WordPress dropped support for PHP 5.6 in WordPress 6.3 and we are following that(#2767)
  • When shortcodes in CSS/JS is enabled, enable for node CSS/JS also (#2832)
  • Developer: Add new hooks fl_builder_before_render_column & fl_builder_after_render_column (#1647)
  • Prevent redirect to ?fl_builder when iFrame is disabled and you try to load the iFrame UI builder UI via direct URL (#2764)
  • Rename Reusable Blocks group to WordPress Patterns due to rename in WP 6.3 (#2761)
  • Accessibility: You can now escape out of submenus in Menu Module (#2496)
  • Row BackGround Videos: Show fallback photo while Vimeo video loads (#151)
Bug Fixes
  • Fix UI freezing after adding a custom row shape (#2841)
  • Fix conflicts with Appointment Hour Booking and LearnDash when iFrame UI enabled (#2837 & 2743)
  • Fix dragging a saved node when search in content panel is active (#2799)
  • Hide Advanced settings in WP Admin for Network Admin (#2762)
  • Posts Module: Fix loading text not being translatable (#2770)
  • Fix font family select scrolling down the page when iFrame UI is disabled (#2747)
  • Fix images going outside the container on small devices when reverse stacking is set (#2754)
  • Video Module: Fix lightbox when using YouTube Privacy Enhanced Mode (#2688)
  • ACF: Fix ACF Text editors not loading correctly in ACF Blocks used in our UI (#2823)
  • Fix scroll bar freezing when clicked in Content panel (#2875)
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Reactions: edgars221289 - 05/18/2023​

Hot Fix
  • Fix equal height columns not working properly on the small breakpoint (#2707)
  • Fix PHP warning in the Post Module (#2704)
  • Fix upload filters being ignored in the new iFrame UI (#2702)
  • Fix negative top margin on row not working when aspect ratio is not set (#2714)
  • Sanitize site URL in slideshow module to prevent a line break in the URL from breaking the JS
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Reactions: edgars221289 - 05/03/2023​

Hot Fix
  • Fix issues when equal height columns is used: margins are retained, background height is correct and vertical alignment now works properly (#2667)
  • Fix pinned panel not being able to be resized (#2668)
  • Fix color picker going behind the browser bar (#2670)

2.6.3 - 03/20/2023​

Security Fixes
  • Ensure template type name is sanitized to prevent possible XSS injections (#2538)
  • Performance: Don't make AJAX request if history is disabled (#2438)
  • Performance: set update_term_meta_cache to false (#2445)
  • Performance: Disable debug code that should only be run when Builder UI is open (#2540)
  • Icon Group Module: Link field now supports field connections (#2461)
  • Debug Mode: Show revision count on hover of Post titles and add ability to edit code sections of the BB theme (#2398 & #2499)
  • Post Module: add field connection for Post Element class field (#2549)
  • FLBuilderCSS methods now support an array of selectors (#2478)
  • Updates for WordPress 6.2 and React 18 compatibility (#2566)
Bug Fixes
  • Number Counter Module: Fix counter animating more than once (#2510)
  • Column border still appears even when it's set to 0 (#2416)
  • Fix video background resizing on android device when swiping (#1887)
  • Yoast SEO: Make sure BB templates and categories are not indexable content (#2503)
  • Tabs Module: Fix active tab being set to 0 not working (#2493)
  • Prevent dropping a module inside a Global Column (#2224)
  • Fix gradients on rows not working correctly with Small Data Mode enabled (#2385)
  • Posts Module: Make sure validation for number of columns field only applies to columns layout (#2555)
  • Gallery Module: fix SmugMug galleries being broken on some servers (#2562) - 02/9/2023​

Hot Fix
  • Fix saving process stalling when using node export/import
  • Tabs Module: Fix linking to tab not working on mobile - 02/1/2023​

Hot Fix
  • Tabs Module: Fix fatal error with PHP 8+ if Active Tab is empty/blank (#2463)
  • Fix Global/layout JS being rendered twice when inline assets is enabled (#2430)
  • Fix conflict with Ninja Forms where nodes would be out of order after publish (#2465)
  • Fix styles not saving when using auto save (#2453)
  • Number Counter: Fix count being broken with numbers over 10,000 (#2468)
  • Captions: Add umlaut to the allowed characters in captions when displayed in lightbox (#2455)

2.6.2 - 1/19/2022​

  • Adjust styling for link field additional options (#2390)
  • Allow enabling of WP's medium_large image size that was previously disabled in BB (#2363)
  • Add hook fl_builder_cropped_image_deleted (#2285)
  • Decrease heartbeat tick rate from 30s to 120s (#2247)
  • Rename Debug Mode title from Debug Mode Disabled to just Debug Mode (#1884)
  • Add a URL parameter to not load revisions in debug mode and another to actually clear revisions and history(#2313)
  • Add optional dependency for icon fields so that modules that use icons can not load FontAwesome when FontAwesome is disabled (#1753)
Bug Fixes
  • Fix deprecation notices with PHP 8.2 (#2400)
  • Button Module: Fix focus color issue after opening link in a new tab (#2323)
  • Content Slider Module: Fix mobile font size being overridden by default styling (#2378)
  • Content Slider Module: Fix mobile title and text color settings not working (#2289)
  • Icon Group Module: Fix background color when using DashIcons (#1876)
  • Icon Group Module: Fix sub-form fields with the same name as the module not previewing properly (#1711)
  • List Module: Fix sub-form fields with the same name as the module not previewing properly (#1712)
  • Number Counter Module: make sure number prefix and suffix fields toggle as expected (#2299)
  • Post Modules: Fix filters not working correctly when multiple post types are selected and individual posts are selected to be shown (#2396)
  • Post Module: Fix WooCommerce sections being missing when using main query (#2428)
  • Post Module: Prevent the Post Module from crashing the browser when there are a lot of taxonomy terms(#2424)
  • Fix slashes being added to Post Module custom layout when Small Data Mode is enabled (#2387)
  • Compatibility: Fix row background connected to an ACF image field not loading when Yoast is active (#2334)
  • Fix parent column padding being applied to child columns as well when in the UI (#2029)
  • Adjust tooltip background style if the UI is in dark mode (#2290)
  • Debug Mode: Fix slashes being added in CSS and a fatal error with PHP 8.1 (#2412)