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B2BKing - The Ultimate WooCommerce B2B & Wholesale Plugin

B2BKing - The Ultimate WooCommerce B2B & Wholesale Plugin 4.8.20

Version 4.8.20 - November 11th, 2023
- Licensing improvements
- Minor bug fixes
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Version 4.7.70 - October 13th, 2023

- Discounts that apply to multiple categories will now no longer apply multiple times
for the same product.


- Fixed issue related to REST authentication and visibility.

- Fixed bug causing random characters in offers PDF

- Minor bug fixes
Version 4.7.50 - September 30th, 2023

- Added support for product tags in dynamic rules (beta)

- Subaccounts can now cancel their orders that are pending approval

- Added links to classic order form products and purchase list products: they can now be clicked to go to the product page

- Added quick editing for registration fields' roles

- Added [b2bking_quote_form] shortcode


- Fixed issue with notices showing twice

- Fixed bug where inexistent coupons could be added.

- Fixed bug where tiered pricing 'sum up variations' was not working correctly with B2B sale prices.

- Fixed page visibility bug not redirecting to login page

- Fixed visibility bugs related to single user category visibility

- Fixed select coloring issue in backed admin

- Fixed pagination bug for offers / conversations
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Version 4.7.10 - August 25th, 2023

New features:
- It is now possible to set visibility for each page
- Added feature / button to log in as a subaccount
Can be disabled via add_filter('b2bking_allow_subaccount_login','__return_false');
- Added ability to add icons to ‘Login to view prices’ as well as other texts:
- It is s now possible to send guest users offers by email, and they will be able to see
the offer after they create an account.

- Subscriptions free trials now compatible with B2BKing pricing.

- Disable coupons for B2B users setting no longer hides coupons on admin side.
- Fixed bug where monthly / yearly group rules did not apply correctly.
Version 4.6.25 - May 30th, 2023

- When creating manual backend orders, the plugin now pulls the correct user group
price, sale price or tiered price (based on qty selected).
It also supports dynamic rules for fixed price and discount as sale price.
May not fully support tax.

- Updated translation template
- Fixed cream order form number update issue
Version 4.5.80 - April 15th, 2023

- It’s now possible to add multiple order forms (Cream / Indigo) on the same page.

- Added setting to disable the plugin’s coupon value feature
in B2BKing → Settings → Other → Components. May help fix conflicts with coupon plugins.

- Minimum order errors now show in checkout as well for added clarity

- Bulk order form now compatible with “raise price” dynamic rules.

- New “product_list” bulk order theme parameter


- Issue where order form pagination was applied before sorting is resolved.

- Fixed issue where subaccounts send order for approval email was sent twice.

- Fixed min order ajax add to cart quantity bug
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Version 4.5.30 - February 24th, 2023

New Features:

- Tiered pricing can now sum up the total quantity of variations for variable products.
More info at:

- Added ‘rule priority’ system to some of the dynamic rules.
You can now set a priority to determine which rule should apply first.

- Added pagination to cream and indigo order forms.

- Cream / Indigo order forms now check quantity before allowing it to be added to cart.

- Variations are now sorted in the order form according to their chosen order in the backend

- Added support for the Post Expirator plugin:

- Solved issue where clicking quickly on add to cart order form buttons resulted
in some products occasionally being missed and not added to cart.

- Update for Min / Max / Step quantities needed for WooCommerce 7.4.0

- Fixed bug where variations would show separated in the bulk order form (Cream / indigo)

- Fixed performance bug related to monthly and yearly rules calculation
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Version 4.5.01 - February 9th, 2023
New features:

- Quantity Rules on Product Page

- Added Yearly and Monthly group rules
(move users between groups based on the previous month / year total spent)


- Cream order form design enhancement: Added clickable cart icon to top right corner.
It is also possible to change the cart icon to a “checkout” button via
B2BKing → Settings → Bulk Order Form.

A “Cream form top button” setting is visible if the selected theme is “cream”.

- “Rename Purchase Order Method” has now been changed to “Rename Payment Method” and
can be used for any payment method.

- Offers are now no longer purchasable if one of the products in an offer is out of stock.
Behaviour can be disabled via add_filter('b2bking_offers_items_use_stock','__return_false');

- When using category product visibility, price fields for hidden groups are now hidden
as well in the product backend.

- Added company column on Orders and Users page, as well as in Conversations

- Subaccounts now inherit parent user roles (except administrator and shop_manager roles)

- Company order approval feature now supports entering a ‘Rejection reason’.
When entered, an email is sent to the subaccount informing them of why the order was rejected.


- Fixed offers tax calculation issue when tax was not enabled in shop settings.

- Fixed bug where notices showed twice on the cart page

- Fix for price display of grouped products when using discount dynamic rules

- Fixed ‘company order approval’ bug where paid orders were still showing the ‘pay now’ button.
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Version 4.4.33 - December 26th, 2022
- Fixes: Customers panel AJAX bug fix
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