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Advanced Search 5 PRO : Filters and facets SEO

PrestaShop Advanced Search 5 PRO : Filters and facets SEO 5.0.2

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Boost your SEO thanks to the faceted navigation created by the Pro version of the Advanced Search 5 module. Set up an advanced search by filters and automatically generate multiple SEO optimized results pages, also called facets

Advanced Search 5 Pro: a strong partner for your SEO

The Pro version of Advanced Search 5
is a real advantage for improving your SEO. It includes a generator of SEO-optimized results pages, also known as facets, which allows you to increase your visibility and this, without duplicate content!

Select the criteria on which you want to improve your SEO, order them and, with one click, automatically generate the meta tags (title, description, keywords), the H1 tag and the simplified URL. Write a SEO content for the top of the page and another one for the bottom. Finally, link the SEO pages together automatically using cross links. And that's it, your facet is created!

You want to quickly generate multiple SEO pages? That's possible! Select your criteria, validate and you get hundreds of pages listing your products, with the SEO elements automatically generated and the cross links between the pages created.
You can also easily copy the URLs of the generated SEO pages to add them in your menu, footer, slideshows or blocks and facilitate indexing by Google. Maximize your notoriety by sharing these results pages on your social networks and in your newsletters.

Offer a step-by-step search to your visitors

The Pro version of Advanced Search 5 module offers an additional type of search compared to the standard version of the module: the step-by-step search. Guide your visitors in their search by asking them to fill in their criteria in a precise order. The different filters are displayed and refined as the criteria are entered.

Customize your search engines even more with images

Do you want to display your criteria as images? No problem, the module allows you to add one image per criterion and per language of your store. Use this feature to best represent the brands you sell! You can also add an image to each type of filter to further customize your search engines.
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