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Advanced Module Manager PRO

Advanced Module Manager PRO 9.7.3

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22-May-2023 : v9.7.3
^ Updates translations: tr-TR
# [J4] Fixes issue with status icon in list taking into account old core publish up/down dates
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9.6.0 23 March 2023​


  • PRO Adds ability to use USE statements in PHP conditions


  • J4 Fixes issue with dropdown buttons not working in multiselect fields in the Conditions modal popup screen

9.5.7 07 February 2023​


  • PRO Fixes issue with Download Key check not working on some setups
  • J4 Fixes issue with Conditions component sometimes not installing
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9.5.5 22 December 2022​


  • J4 Forces the Conditions component to be published on update/installation


  • J4 Fixes issue with conversion of old assignments to new conditions failing when the names are too long
  • J4 Fixes issue with core menu assignments not being converted to the new conditions
  • J4 Fixes issue with time conditions not working correctly with timezone offsets
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Advanced Module Manager
9.5.2 28 October 2022​


  • J4 Fixes issue with 500 error in module edit view

9.3.0 06 September 2022​


  • Changes installer to use a package manifest instead of a custom installer plugin
  • Improves page speed by decreasing number of database queries
  • Updated some php code to use PHP 7.4 standards
  • Updates translations: fr-FR, it-IT, pl-PL, tr-TR
  • J4 Makes ordering by color keep the ones with colors on top


  • J4 Adds option to set default ordering
  • J4 Fixes issue with duplicate assignments being converted to multiple Condition Sets instead of just a single Condition Set
  • J4 Fixes issue with errors when using a condition that includes/excludes another condition set
  • J4 Fixes issue with not being able to save description or category in the Condition Set
  • J4 Fixes issue with not using the core module manager ACL permissions
  • J4FREE Fixes issue with access level condition not working on free version
  • J4FREE Fixes issue with not being able to save admin modules
  • J4PRO Fixes issue with $app object and $Itemid value in PHP condition not working correctly
  • J4PRO Fixes issue with 3rd party category assignments throwing errors during conversion to Condition Sets
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