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WooCommerce Direct Checkout PRO

WooCommerce Direct Checkout PRO 3.1.1 NULLED


WooCommerce Direct Checkout PRO allows you to simplify the checkout process and increase your conversion rates.Redirect your customers from the product page to the checkout and let them edit and confirm the order on the same page.

One-page checkout​

With WooCommerce Direct, you can include the cart form in the checkout page allowing your users to edit the cart and confirm the order on the same page.

Removecheckout fields​

Easily remove unnecessary fields and speed up the check out process. You can get rid of fields order comments, shipping address, coupon form, policy text, terms and conditions, and more.

Ajax add to cart on single products​

The WooCommerce Ajax add to cart function allows your users to include single, grouped, or variable products in the cart without the need to reload the entire site each time.

Added to cart alert via ajax​

There are a lot of ajax add to cart plugins, but Woocommerce Direct is the only one that includes the added to cart alert via ajax clarifying the situation for the user.

Reduce server load and bandwidth​

Reduce the server load and bandwidth usage avoiding to reload the entire page

Speed user experience and increase sales​

Speed up your users purchase experience avoiding the need to reload the entire page

Checkout redirect​

Redirect your users directly to the checkout page reducing the total checkout process to one step.

Quick purchase button on single products​

Enable direct purchases and the default add to cart product adding a direct purchase button to the products page.

A quick view in shop and product categories​

Include a button to display a quick view of the WooCommerce shop page and products categories.
This is especially useful for variable products because it allows users to select the products attributes and add them directly to the cart.
3.1.1 NULLEDVersion
3.00 star(s) 1 ratings
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  1. WooCommerce Direct Checkout PRO v3.1.1 NULLED

    = 3.1.1 = * WooCommerce compatibility
  2. WooCommerce Direct Checkout PRO v3.0.1 NULLED

    = 3.0.1 = * New: Update composer libraries
  3. WooCommerce Direct Checkout PRO v3.0.0

    = 3.0.0 = * Refactor

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Requires activation. Can you tell me how to activate it?

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