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WP All Import Pro – Import any XML or CSV File to WordPress

WP All Import Pro – Import any XML or CSV File to WordPress 4.8.5

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  • improvement: ensure temporary files never use a .php extension
  • bug fix: restore old CSV encoding conversion behavior
  • bug fix: orders cannot be matched by order meta
  • bug fix: SFTP imports fail to run via cron in some cases


  • minimum WordPress version: 5.0
  • minimum PHP version: 7.2
  • bug fix: do not automatically deactivate old versions of the WooCommerce Import Add-On


  • minimum WordPress version: 5.0
  • minimum PHP version: 7.2
  • bug fix: PHP 8.2 fatal error when importing some Excel files
  • bug fix: PHP 8.2 fatal error when file cannot be written in some cases
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  • minimum WordPress version: 5.0
  • minimum PHP version: 7.2
  • note: WooCommerce Import Add-On 4.0.0+ is required to import orders
  • new setting: add 'Do not create new terms' setting on Edit Template page
  • improvement: better PHP 8.2 support
  • improvement: include example cron commands on Scheduling Options modal
  • improvement: better import file preview loading
  • improvement: enable updating taxonomy description image URLs when using 'Scan through post content...' option
  • improvement: enable matching review products by title
  • improvement: replace tmpfile() call with wp_tempnam() to avoid host restrictions
  • bug fix: preview modal isn't scrollable in some cases
  • bug fix: resolve 'change missing' loop in some cases when products have backorders enabled
  • bug fix: resolve fatal error when taxonomies are set to update but the WooCommerce Add-On isn't active
  • bug fix: navigating import file preview shows incorrectly numbered records
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  • minimum required WP version: 5.0
  • minimum required PHP version: 7.2.5
  • improvement: remove wp_navigation from Step 1 dropdown
  • improvement: fix PHP 8 deprecated notice
  • improvement: add new filter 'wp_all_import_hash_ignore_options'
  • bug fix: match existing terms by ID
  • bug fix: ensure records added with an 'Existing Items' import are recognized by the options to modify missing records
  • bug fix: ensure "History file not found' message doesn't remain when file is valid
  • bug fix: avoid fatal error while editing import when import file has been deleted outside of WP All Import
  • bug fix: ensure correct import IDs are processed when running multiple imports sequentially via WP-CLI
  • bug fix: don't invalidate unchanged record hash when import 'security' option value changes
  • bug fix: allow using an 'Existing Items' import that only removes products that aren't in the import file
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  • bug fix: file preview shows incorrect record order in some cases
  • bug fix: PHP8 fatal error when updating Scheduling configuration in limited cases
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  • new feature: edit import filters on import 'Edit Template' screen
  • bug fix: allow saving custom fields '0' values
  • bug fix: do not duplicate images when they contain dimensions in the name
  • bug fix: infinite loop when performing 'missing post' actions in some cases
  • bug fix: undefined variable $import notice
  • bug fix: resolve notice when $attch variable not defined
  • improvement: use wp_trash_post when sending posts to trash
  • improvement: resolve PHP 8.x deprecated items
  • improvement: allow more strings to be translated with _e
  • improvement: use wp_add_inline_script instead of localize where appropriate
  • improvement: add setting to disable the 'I HAVE BACKUPS' prompt
  • improvement: better handling when expected files are not found or have the wrong permissions
  • improvement: ensure the run import screen correctly shows what fields are set to update
  • improvement: add nonce to clean up logs action
  • improvement: allow specifying templates for post types other than pages
  • improvement: replace deprecated get_page_by_title function
  • improvement: ensure correct version of PCLZIP is used with WP All Import
  • improvement: ensure history file path returns correctly regardless of import file source
  • improvement: ensure wp_read_video_metadata function exists before calling
  • improvement: ensure import file preview sections can be expanded on Edit Template screen
  • improvement: allow changing stock status for missing existing products
  • improvement: call pmxi_before_delete_post hook as needed when running via WP-CLI
  • improvement: don't show 'hidden' imports when listing via WP-CLI
  • improvement: don't assign parent when parent field is empty
  • improvement: allow importing emojis from JSON files
  • improvement: improve wp_all_import_get_import_id to work when running multiple imports via WP-CLI
  • improvement: better record matching for delete missing option
  • improvement: better existing image matching when importing images from Content
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Download WP All Import Pro v4.7.8 – Import any XML or CSV File to WordPress​

Changelog 4.7.8​

  • new feature: Records missing from your import file can now be deleted even if WP All Import didn't create them. 'Existing Items' imports have gained the ability to delete records missing from your import file as well.
  • improvement: add support for libxml 2.9.0+
  • improvement: set headers to prevent caching of cron URLs
  • improvement: fixed miscellaneous PHP notices
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  • security improvement
  • improvement: import progress bar appearance
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