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ViserBank - Digital Banking System by ViserLab

ViserBank - Digital Banking System by ViserLab 2.3 NULLED

Version 2.3 – 19th September 2023​

  • [ADD] New frontend Template
  • [ADD] New ui for user panel
  • [FIX] Demo login credentials removed from branch staff login page
  • [FIX] 404 error in the transfer history page if any transfer module is disabled

Version 2.2 – 27th July 2023​

  • [ADD] Report Download Pdf From The User’s Panel
  • [ADD] Beneficiary Updated From The User Panel
  • [ADD] Report Download Pdf Csv From The Admin Panel
  • [ADD] Show KYC-verified Users
  • [ADD] Multiple Staff Module
  • [ADD] Role Permission Module
  • [ADD] Update Uploader
  • [ADD] Dynamic Cron Setting
  • [ADD] BTCPay Payment Gateway
  • [ADD] NOWPayments Payment Gateway
  • [ADD] Group Distinct Mail Sending Option
  • [PATCH] Notification System
  • [PATCH] Latest Laravel Version
  • [PATCH] Latest PHP Version

Version 2.1 – 03rd March 2023​

  • [FIX] Showing the invalid final amount of other bank transfers.
  • [FIX] Small fractional values rounding to integer numbers in Transfer charge.
  • [FIX] Invalid table header in transaction table of branch panel.
  • [ADD] Push notification added.
  • [ADD] API added for ViserBank mobile app.
files provided by @Wow5

Version 2.0 – 11th December 2022​

  • [FIX] Next Installment Date for FDR, Loan and DPS.
  • [FIX] Receiver information issue in transfer details page.
  • [FIX] Receiver information issue in transfer details page.
  • [FIX] Add Beneficiary for Other Bank 500 error.
  • [FIX] KYC form heading.
  • [FIX] KYC data view 500 error.
  • [FIX] Loan form submission.
  • [FIX] Flutterwave callback URL issue.
  • [FIX] FDR installment paying issue.
  • [FIX] Transfer module enable/disable control.
  • [ADD] Branch management in the admin panel.
  • [ADD] Branch Staff management in the admin panel.
  • [ADD] Branch Staff Panel.
  • [ADD] Wire Transfer Management.
  • [ADD] KYC unverified users list.
  • [ADD] Count limit on referral commission.
  • [ADD] reCAPTCHA verification added in the contact form.
  • [ADD] Advance Cash payment gateway.
  • [ADD] Advance Cash payment gateway.
  • [ADD] Authorize.net payment gateway.
  • [ADD] Authorize.net payment gateway.
  • [ADD] NMI payment gateway.
  • [ADD] Two Checkout payment gateway.
  • [ADD] Installment delay charge in Loan plans.
  • [ADD] Installment delay charge in DPS plans.
  • [ADD] Due installment payment.
  • [ADD] Search feature in deposit history.
  • [ADD] Search feature in withdrawal history.
  • [REMOVE] Block.io payment gateway.
  • [REMOVE] logo/image for payment gateways.
  • [PATCH] Minor changes in the front end.
  • [PATCH] Admin dashboard.
  • [PATCH] Admin panel UI.
  • [PATCH] Email & SMS notification sending system.
  • [PATCH] KYC verification system.
  • [PATCH] OTP verification system.
  • [PATCH] Updated to Latest Laravel Version.