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SP Page Builder PRO

SP Page Builder PRO 4.0.8 + 3.8.9

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SP Page Builder v4.0.8 Changelog:
  • New: New Open Graph options added in the SEO section and 3 new meta properties added into page view
  • New: New visibility and order options added into addons’ Advanced settings, Row’s & Column’s Responsive tab
  • New: NoReferrer and NoOpener options added for Links
  • New: New Backdrop filter option added into Person and Image Layouts addon
  • Update: Slideshow Addon, Image Layout Addon, and Feature Addon updated for responsive devices
  • Fix: Media Manager folder browse Issue on Windows OS
  • Fix: Nested row duplication issue
  • Fix: Opt-in Form inline settings and alignment issue
  • Fix: Addon id issue for custom CSS
  • Fix: Heading addon missing Text Shadow option added
  • Fix: Addon visibility is not working correctly issue
  • Fix: Style paste issue of addon with group items
  • Fix: Nested row margin issue
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SP Page Builder v4.0.7 Changelog:
  • Update: The Page Category feature is restored
  • Update: Improved addons’ paste style functionality
  • Update: Render multiple SP Page Builder modules in a nested row
  • Fix: Feature Box addon’s title font family, icon remove option, wrong class selector for width, and background hover color issue
  • Fix: Media Manager disappearing issue when scrolling down and selecting an image
  • Fix: Page redirects issue when Add New Page, Save, and Close button is pressed
  • Fix: Image Carousel addon’s arrow height issue
  • Fix: Column drop placeholder issue when Image Carousel addon is present on a page
  • Fix: Carousel Pro addon’s arrow height width showing the wrong values
  • Fix: Testimonial Pro, Tabs, and Heading’s issue with layouts and blocks
  • Fix: Console error when Client addon carousel is active
  • Fix: Performance issue – Out of Memory when multiple slider type addons are added to a page
  • Fix: Column background overlay, Row overflow, and center alignment issue
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Download SP Page Builder PRO v4.0.6 + v3.8.9
  • New: In Feature Box addon, separate ALT Text field added for Image
  • New: In Articles addon, Modified Date added to the Options
  • New: In Video addon, Video Title field added for the YouTube link
  • New: Check-out option added to the Bulk Action dropdown list
  • Update: Option to add Youtube Shorts added in the Video addon
  • Update: Added SendGrid List IDs for Sendgrid option in Opt-in form addon
  • Update: Drag Indicator Icon added in the column for sorting in the same row
  • Update: Improved Custom addon support using Joomla plugin
  • Update: Text Editor’s area size increased and expanded for user convenience
  • Fix: Instagram Gallery Addon Token Generation and item per row settings not working in the preview issue
  • Fix: In the Articles addon, Show All button link does not work issue
  • Fix: Google Recaptcha issue in Contact Form addon
  • Fix: The Image addon would show the demo image link in spite of changing it
  • Fix: Google icon position issue in the Google Maps addon
  • Fix: Hover Box Shadow in Feature Box addon works in the editor but not in preview mode
  • Fix: Border-radius does not work for the Text Block addon in editor preview mode
  • Fix: Front-end sidebar does not close if it sticks to the left or right
  • Fix: An image deleted from the folder still remains in the All Items and Image folder
  • Fix: DIV addon global CSS does not work
  • Fix: The external and internal margins of the container Div do not work
  • Fix: A new row can’t be inserted underneath the addons
  • Fix: Joomla article with Page Builder doesn’t generate Readmore and there is no content after Readmore
  • Fix: An error message is shown when an article is put in the trash or when the trash is emptied

Version 3.8.9 - 13 October 2022​

  • Added 4SEF extension compatibility
  • In Article addon, Modified Date added to the Options
  • In Video addon, Video Title field added for the YouTube link for better accessibility
Bug Fix
  • In Tabs and Accordion addons, the Form Builder addon’s email sending and selecting type do not work issue
  • Carousel Pro addon abnormal behavior issue when window resized

SP Page Builder v4.0.5 Changelog:
  • New: Added FaLang extension compatibility
  • New: Added 4SEF extension compatibility
  • Fix: Removed Old Column Responsive Options
  • Fix: Row style not applied correctly on copy/duplicate (Pro Only)
  • Fix: Old Accordion add-on compatibility issue
  • Fix: Image drag & drop upload issue in Media Manager
  • Fix: Page access issue after upgrading from 3.x to 4.x
  • Fix: Layout JSON import issue
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SP Page Builder v4.0.4 / 07 September 2022 changelog:
  • New: Page rename feature added in the dashboard page list menu
  • New: 4 new buttons are added to the page edit top panel (Save & Close, Save as Copy, Save & New, Back to Admin)
  • Update: Improved undo/redo actions for page editing
  • Fix: SP Page Builder Content Plugin internal 500 server error (Only for Pro)
  • Fix: Open graph image saving issue in options SEO settings
  • Fix: Section copy/paste not working properly (Only for Pro)
  • Fix: Added missing text field Button addon
  • Fix: Old custom addons do not exist issue
  • Fix: Image renaming not working in Media Manager
  • Fix: SP Page Builder keeps pages checked out
  • Fix: Layers panel disappeared issue after importing old layout JSON file
  • Fix: Row copy/paste function not working properly (Only for Pro)
  • Fix: Page updated data, settings data, and license key data update not working properly in the Safari browser
  • Fix: All known bugs
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  • New: Added the Show Tags option to enable/disable tags in the Articles addon
  • New: Added inline alignment toggle option
  • Update: Added Attachment upload option inside the SP Page Builder Buttons
  • Fix: Addons were not disabled in the editor responsive preview
  • Fix: Ripple effect was missing in the Modal addon
  • Fix: Articles addon Article Category could not be selected by default
  • Fix: Nested row duplication and deletion issue
  • Fix: SVG and WebP image thumb-related issue
  • Fix: Testimonial addon alignment and PHP notice issue in preview
  • Fix: A tag ending was missing in the Image addon
  • Fix: Form Builder addon button padding style only applied when size was set to custom
  • Fix: Addon interaction timeline Context Menu click was not working
  • Fix: Text Block addon’s content typography changed with title typography in preview
  • Fix: Child addon drag issue in deeply nested addons when you open the deeply nested addon settings
  • Fix: Failed to create or edit SPPB page when Multilingual plugin was enabled