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Instantify - PWA & Google AMP & Instant Articles for WordPress

Instantify - PWA & Google AMP & Instant Articles for WordPress 7.4 NULLED

Version 7.4 – 31 January, 2023
FIXED - Admin menu infinite loading issue
FIXED - Small issue with screenshot URLs
Version 7.3 – 29 January, 2023
IMPROVED - Workbox is now served locally
IMPROVED - Push notification subscribers are now lazy-loaded
FIXED - Small issue with Start Urls
FIXED - Admin area infinite loading issue
Version 7.2 – 21 November, 2022

ADDED - Option to choose PWA detection method
ADDED - New comment push notification
IMPROVED - License handling
IMPROVED - PWA install and push subscribe analytics processing
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Version 7.1 – 12 November, 2022

ADDED - Idle Detection API support with reload requests
ADDED - Orientation lock feature
ADDED - Support for splash screens for the latest iOS devices
IMPROVED - PWA detection
IMPROVED - Skeleton loader compatibility
IMPROVED - Stability of manifest values
IMPROVED - Splash screen and maskable icon generation
FIXED - FBIA count articles error
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Version 6.9 – 11 September, 2022

ADDED - Content Indexing API support
IMPROVED - WP Rocket compatibility in PWA mode
IMPROVED - QR code generation and included logo
FIXED - Various minor things on the admin side
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ADDED - "isPwa" class to body element when in PWA mode for easy customization
ADDED - Custom CSS option for PWA mode
IMPROVED - Dynamic Manifest homepage override
IMPROVED - Ajaxify feature
IMPROVED - When PWA is disabled, it's also disabled for installed devices
IMPROVED - Push Notifications assets by conditional loading
FIXED - PWA exiting bug when navigation within PWA mode
FIXED - Select input on the admin side
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