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Custom Fields on Checkout & Order Page|Checkout Fields

PrestaShop Custom Fields on Checkout & Order Page|Checkout Fields 2.2.3

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FME Modules

Prestashop Custom Fields & Checkout Fields allow you to add custom fields to the checkout page. Using custom fields you can add extra fields to any checkout step. Supports attachment, Drop-down, Conditional Logic & 7 other types of fields.

What this Prestashop Custom Fields Module does for you?
Add unlimited custom fields and position them anywhere on any checkout step
  • Create conditional / dependable fields
  • Show checkout fields only when specific product(s) is added in cart.
  • Restrict field by customer groups
  • Option to Show field in order email, invoice PDFs & delivery slips
  • Show fields in admin order detail page and order grid
  • Enable field validation and make fields optional or mandatory
  • Multilingual & Multistore Supported
  • Works well with One Page Checkout
  • GDPR Compliant
Only Show Fields When Required:
The store admin can now assign fields to specific products & categories. Thus, the fields will be display only when a specific product(s) is added to the cart. By using the conditional fields option, you can display field only when customer select a specific option.

What this PrestaShop checkout fields extension has to offer?
Learning from customers means a lot for the survival of your business. You must always adapt to the changing behaviors of the customers. Fashion trends can strike a ruthless blow to a business's revenues. With PrestaShop checkout manager by FME, you can not only find the changing graphs of customer needs but can also display important messages. You can also include delivery time options as well.

Area of Function:
Obtaining additional information from the customers is always for your benefit. The primary purpose of adding fields to checkout pages is to understand the trends and the behaviors of the customers for creating customer personas. Customer personas help predict the behaviors and their conduct to present better sales pitch and display the exact product which they need. This PrestaShop order attributes plugin also gives you the opportunity to improve your services, marketing strategies, and product quality.
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