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Billing Book - Advanced POS, Inventory, Accounting, Warehouse, Multi Users, GST Ready

Billing Book - Advanced POS, Inventory, Accounting, Warehouse, Multi Users, GST Ready 2.9.1 NULLED

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Version: 2.9
1. FIXED: Database migration issue
2. FIXED: Creating a new warehouse
3. FIXED: Sales list duplicate record view for new user Roles.
4. FIXED: Warehouse print button issue.
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Version: 2.8
1. NEW: Implement SMTP.
2. NEW: POS - GST invoice format.
3. NEW: POS Payment details - should be controlled by settings.
4. NEW: Number to words, Indian & Default.
5. NEW: Add QR code to invoices(A4).
6. NEW: Dashboard: Add new permission for "Recent Sales invoice list".
7. NEW: Add a QR code to the invoice.
8. NEW: T&C not appearing if we make POS invoices.
9. NEW: Quantity in multi-decimals.
10. NEW: Ability to add units, categories, etc at the add new item panel.
11. IMPROVED: Dashboard Bar chart.
12. IMPROVED: POS Invoice - show payment types
13. IMPROVED: Dashboard - Stock report - Export buttons not working.
14. IMPROVED: Report - Sales Items Report - Improved - Added Items & Services Filter.
15. IMPROVED: P&L report date-wise.
16. IMPROVED: POS Invoice - Barcode not printing well, not supports slash(/) - Added QR code.
17. IMPROVED: Datatable shows the records count.-[10, 50, 100, 500, 1000, "All"]
18. IMPROVED: Sales Report- added user filter.
19. IMPROVED: POS Invoice - Show Discounted amount at last, before refund(change).
20. IMPROVED: Item Delete: Delete even if the stock adjustment has the records.
21. FIXED: Users Warehouse shows an issue.
22. FIXED: Dashboard data -> show based on created_by user.
23. FIXED: Sales-> Add New Item Pop up-> Sales price is not taking decimal point.
24. FIXED: Email validation in js.
25. FIXED: POS page - Hold item count issue, 1. Hold item 2. Edit, after editing stock extra, added.
26. FIXED: Issue in downloading CSV files in some of the hosting sites (Used Curl).
28. FIXED: Profit & loss report has been updated(POS model issue not saved purchase price).
29. FIXED: POS page - Service stock issue fixed.
30. FIXED: Customer - even if the credit limit is 0 then, still the credit sales invoice is saved.
31. FIXED: a pos screen that displays advance payment available, but after a sale is finished, it is not automatically updating.
32. FIXED: Unit Price is not Correct When I apply Inc Tax., Unit Price is the Price, of a Unit Before Tax. If I apply Exc Tax the price is correct (Unit Price - Tax Price of a Unit).
32. FIXED: Print invoice in RTL version.
33. FIXED: Sales Return -> Invoice print issue if service item.
34. FIXED: Issue in report, sales items report.
35. FIXED: Sales payments report, need a users filter.
36. FIXED: Sales Items Report - Add category filter.
37. FIXED: State not deleting, verify it.
38. FIXED: PDF not supporting other languages, also add QR Code.
39. REMOVED: The delivery sheet & Load Sheet Report has been removed.
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