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AffiliateWP + ADDONS

AffiliateWP + ADDONS 2.14.1 NULLED

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Version 2.14.1, Jun 8, 2023

  • Improved: Security improvements when activating and deactivating addons and growth tools

Version 2.14.0, May 23, 2023

  • New: Check out our new Custom Link Generator in the Affiliate Area that allows affiliates to save all their shareable links in one convenient place!
  • New: Check out our new About Us Page for more information about the AffiliateWP team and additional tools you might be interested in!
  • Improved: Simplified “Stripe (through WP Simple Pay)” integration to just “WP Simple Pay”
  • Fixed: Improvements to setup wizard UI
  • Fixed: New buttons added to the Affiliates and Creatives screens for managing affiliate groups and creative categories
  • Fixed: Privacy UI shows the full affiliate information
  • Fixed: The Affiliate Groups UI has been simplified
  • Fixed: You can now change the default affiliate group with a single click!
  • Fixed: The affiliate group name field now has the correct description
  • Fixed: Tooltips styling no longer causes overlaps with dropdown menus in the admin

Version 2.13.3, May 3, 2023​

  • Fixed: Performance improved on affiliate and creatives pages in the admin
  • Fixed: You can remove an affiliate from an affiliate group by selecting None
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Version 2.13.1, April 13, 2023​

  • Improved: Setup wizard will load immediately when AffiliateWP is activated for the first time to help you get set up even quicker!
  • Fixed: Performance issues when displaying a large number of affiliates in a select menu. To address this issue, we temporarily removed the ability to share creatives privately with individual affiliates.
  • Fixed: Creative shortcodes (and blocks) show or hide creatives correctly when shared privately with affiliates (via affiliate groups)
  • Fixed: More compatibility improvements with PHP 8

Version 2.13.0, Apr 4, 2023​

  • New: Administrators can now group affiliates and assign custom referral rates for all affiliates in that group
  • New: Administrators can now privately share creatives with affiliates and/or affiliate groups
    • To accurately share creatives privately when using the Affiliate Portal addon, please upgrade the Affiliate Portal addon to 1.2.2
  • Improved: Improved setup wizard that helps you get setup even easier!
  • Fixed: Zero amount referrals will no longer be generated for zero amount orders in Easy Digital Downloads when ignore referrals with zero amount is enabled
  • Fixed: Improved pagination of creatives when filtering by category in the admin
  • Fixed: Improvements to russian translation files causing fatal errors in PHP 8
  • Fixed: You should see less notices and warnings as we work to improve our compatibility with PHP 8
  • Fixed: No more fatal errors when using PHP 8 when Query Monitor is installed and activated

Version 2.12.2, February 20, 2023

  • Improved: Addons admin screen updated, allowing Personal and Plus plan holders access to new addons

Version 2.12.1, February 14, 2023

  • Fixed: Issue causing error: Uncaught Exception: AffiliateWP\Groups\DB::$table name appears to be tampered with (in trait-db.php), in some installs

Version 2.12.0, February 1, 2023

  • New: Grouping creatives into categories
  • Improved: Contact Form 7 integration now allows site owners to select the default referral status
  • Improved: Speed improvements to get_unique_visit_count() causing slowness
  • Fixed: Language improvements when deleting multiple creatives
  • Fixed: If you manually enter a referral, and give it a context for an integration that is no longer installed, it would cause a fatal error
  • Fixed: We now delete all post meta from AffiliateWP when Remove all saved data for AffiliateWP when the plugin is deleted is set
  • Fixed: jQuery is not defined console error when using PayPal buttons sometimes causing them not to work
  • Fixed: Integration sync notices showing incorrectly
  • Fixed: Affiliate registration error: Something went wrong when submitting this form, please contact an administrator
  • Fixed: Affiliate login block showing login form to logged in users
  • Other: This version requires PHP 7.4 or greater

Version 2.11.0, December 20, 2022

  • New: Affiliate registration forms using WPForms
  • Improved: Move Rejection Reason to bottom of Review Affiliate screen
  • Improved: Remove Caldera Forms, Zippy Courses and WP-Invoice integrations
  • Improved: Added attachment_id column to Creatives database table
  • Fixed: wp.editor.InspectorControls deprecation notice
  • Fixed: Incorrect link for debug mode on Settings screen
  • Fixed: an error that prevents a user from being registered if the website language was changed when using the Registration block
  • Fixed: EDD v3 not calculating signup fees on subscription purchases
  • Fixed: PayPal Buttons Integration not working with Donate buttons due to outdated REGEX
  • Fixed: reCAPTCHA v3 failing when using [affiliate_area] shortcode
  • Fixed: Removed HRK currency from Jan 1st, 2023. Croatian Kuna (HRK) will be deprecated in favor of the euro (EUR)
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