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DeBlocker – Anti AdBlock for WordPress

DeBlocker – Anti AdBlock for WordPress 3.3.9 NULLED


DeBlocker NULLED is a powerful tool and money-saving plugin for websites created by WordPress. The goal of this Plugin is to ask a website visitor to disable browser extensions that block ads. The Plugin defines most browser extensions for ads blocking, such as AdBlock & Adblock Plus, uBlock & uBlocker, AdGuard AdBlocker, Poper Blocker, Ads Killer, Adaware Ad Block, Easy Ad Blocker, and many others.

The second version of the plugin has a new logic of work and a dynamical script that is difficult to detect for any AdBlock extension. The new script perfectly recognizes all the well-known ad blockers and blocks website content to protect it.

Anti AdBlock WordPress Plugin is a handy utility for those who produce high-quality original content and do not want to lose money because of ad blockers.
DeBlocker is designed to block the use of AdBlocker extensions maximally. The user will not be able to open the context menu, not be able to select and copy something on the page, and will not be able to use hotkeys until he turns off AdBlock.
3.3.9 NULLEDVersion
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Latest updates

  1. DeBlocker v3.3.9 NULLED

    3.3.9 - 19 September 2023 Fixed Brave Shield detection for mobile browser
  2. DeBlocker WordPress v3.3.8 NULLED

    3.3.8 - 30 August 2023 Improved uBlock AdBlocker detection
  3. DeBlocker WordPress v3.3.7 NULLED

    3.3.7 - 1 August 2023 Fixed false positives issue in Safari

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