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WP Staging Pro

WP Staging Pro 5.3.3 NULLED


Most Trusted WordPress Backup & Cloning​

WP STAGING PRO NULLED is an enterprise code quality plugin to Clone, Backup & Migrate WordPress websites.

WP STAGING PRO runs all the time-consumptive operations for database and file cloning and backup operations in the background. This tool does automatically a search & replacement of all links and paths.

This staging and backup plugin can clone your website even if it runs on a weak shared hosting server.

Faster Site Backups​

Create manual and scheduled backups of your entire website in a blink of an eye. Much faster and with lower server load than most other plugins can do due to advanced backup algorithms.
Upload backup data to cloud providers like Google Drive and Amazon S3.

Website Transfer​

Move your local development website to a production server or transfer and migrate your website to another domain. WP STAGING does all the heavy lifting including the search & replacement of all links fully automatically.

Website Cloning​

Clone WordPress single and multisites including all network sites to a subdomain or subfolder.

Convert Multisites​

Clone and convert a multisite network site to a WordPress single site.

Clone to Separate Database​

Create staging or development sites to separate databases. Keep your cloned site utterly independent from the production site.

Clone to Subdomain​

Clone your WordPress site to a subdomain or subfolder like dev.mysite.com or mysite.com/staging-site.

Push Staging Site to Live​

Use the push feature to copy a staging site directly to the production website. Optionally, backup & export parts or your entire site to migrate all data from one server to another.

User Authentication​

Allow access to the staging site for specific users and user roles. As default, only adminisrators can access the staging site.

Robust Well Tested Code​

WP STAGING is a German-engineered WordPress backup and cloning plugin. More than 1000 automatic unit and acceptance tests run on every release and during development. This leads to a highly robust code base that is easy to maintain and future-proof for any upcoming WordPress release.
5.3.3 NULLEDVersion
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  1. WP Staging Pro 5.3.3 NULLED

    5.3.3 Release February 05, 2024 New: Support for WordPress 6.4.3 New: Add filter...
  2. WP Staging Pro 5.3.1 NULLED

    5.3.1 Release January 15, 2024 Fix: Handle warnings when unable to unserialize serialized data...
  3. Changelog for WP Staging Pro 5.2.0 NULLED

    5.2.0 Release December 20, 2023 Read more about this release here. New: Support up to WordPress...

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