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WooCommerce Order Tracker - Custom Order Status, Tracking Templates and Order Email Notification

WooCommerce Order Tracker - Custom Order Status, Tracking Templates and Order Email Notification 2.1.7 NULLED

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WooCommerce Order Tracker NULLED
displays order status with interactive graphics and allows customers to track their estimated delivery.

The whole process of the tracking system is simple and streamlined which keeps the customer aware of their WooCommerce order status. Customers can track their orders with the order numbers and tracking URLs.

What Can You Do With Order Tracker Plugin?

  1. WooCommerce Order tracker plugin enables tracking of the products ordered from your store.
  2. You can offer complete tracking from the creation of the order to the delivery.
  3. It allows order tracking even if you use third-party shipping services. You can create custom order statuses based on the shipment process.
  4. It enables you to create order tracking pages with the help of shortcode.

Benefits of WooCommerce Order Tracker


  1. Keep customers informed about the order status of their ordered product and avoid getting unnecessary delivery inquiry calls.
  2. Make your shipment process transparent and earn the trust of your customers.
  3. Customers can track their orders even if you use a third-party shipment service.
  4. Create custom order statuses according to the steps of your shipment service.
  5. Apply custom order statuses as bulk action for product orders.
  6. Create custom pages for order tracking through the shortcode-[wps_track_order_form]


  1. Receive information on order status via email notification instead of by making inquiry calls to shipment service.
  2. Tracking complete product shipment process; from making the order to product delivery.
  3. Track the ordered product even if a third party shipping service is used.
  4. Get all the tracking information about the order.

Features of WooCommerce Order Tracker Plugin

  1. This plugin provides an option to enable the order tracking feature.
  2. Admin can create custom order status and upload preferred logos.
  3. It offers an option to send email notifications to the customer on changing order status.
  4. It provides tracking information with an estimated delivery date.
  5. It provides six different types of order tracking templates.
  6. It enables admins to create their own pages for order tracking through shortcode.
  7. It allows shipping services integration with FedEx, Canada Post, and USPS. And Admin can enable third party shipment tracking.
  8. Admin allots order statuses to the tracking steps that would be displayed on the tracking template.
  9. Admin can enable tracking for customer orders with Google Maps.
  10. Provides tracking features with 17track.net if the admin ships their order from different shipping companies.
  11. Allows admins to apply custom order status as bulk action on products.
  12. Customers will get information about the shipping service, tracking number, and delivery date.
  13. Allows guest users to track orders through the Order ID only.
2.1.7 NULLEDVersion
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Latest updates

  1. WooCommerce Order Tracker v2.1.7 NULLED

    12-10-2023: Ver 2.1.7 New: Compatibility with latest WP(6.3.1) and WC(8.1.1) New: HPOS Compatibility
  2. WooCommerce Order Tracker v2.1.6 NULLED

    29-03-2023: ver 2.1.6 New: Export order for logged-in user New: Export order for guest user New...
  3. WPSwings WooCommerce Order Tracker v2.1.4 NULLED

    21-12-2022: ver 2.1.4 New: Compatible with latest WP and WC

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