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Qubely Pro – WordPress Gutenberg Block Plugin

Qubely Pro – WordPress Gutenberg Block Plugin 1.4.2 NULLED


Qubely Pro NULLED is a WordPress Gutenberg Block Plugin. Customise your designs with advanced functionalities offered in this WordPress Gutenberg plugin. Easily apply changes to bring out your favourite design. Interactive designs on your site in minutes with qubely blocks. You no longer need to have a high budget or resources to introduce professional grade interactions.

Design Layouts With a Powerful Builder. Easily create any simple to complex layout with Qubely. Its row-column structure lets you take 1 to as many as 6 columns in a single row. Adjust the size of the columns and create your dream web page layout in minutes.

Multiple Row. There are multiple combinations of columns in a row. The combination varies on the number of columns and their sizes.

Adjustable Columns. Drag & resize the columns simply. Control spacing, add video, image, color, gradient or apply blend modes to the background.

Granular Control Over Page Elements. Setup block background with both classic and gradient color. Apply different background options and pick color from the given palette. Style your block with your preferred background color.

Global Typography & Color Settings. Bring uniform styling to your WordPress website with Qubely’s global settings. Set colors & typography once and apply them anywhere. This will speed up your workflow and help you take your work to the next level.

150+ Ready Sections. Qubely has these amazing selection of marketable designs and there’s 150+ of them. You can use the sections right as created or personalize it your way with loads of customization options.

Animated Heading. Increase Conversions, grab attention of website visitors with unique animated heading

Media Card. Use text, image, and video content altogether along with other blocks in an elegant way.

Vertical Tabs. Make navigation easiers, improve the way your content is organized with the Vertical Tab

Contact Form. Encourage site visitor interactions using contact forms with useful fields.

Lots of Blocks. Enhance your Gutenberg editor with plenty of highly customizable premium blocks.

Starter Packs. Launch your website quickly with our beautifully designed starter packs for any niche.

Global Settings. Bring uniform styling to your WordPress websites and let everything sync perfectly.
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  1. Qubely Pro v1.4.2 NULLED – WordPress Gutenberg Block Plugin

    = 1.4.2 = New: Jetpack compatibility is introduced Update: All Stylesheet and Script libraries...
  2. 1.4.1 - August 10, 2022

    Introduced \"Deprecation\" in case of the \"Block Recovery Issue\" for Update Implemented more...

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