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OSDownloads Pro

OSDownloads Pro 2.2.5

OSDownloads Pro.png

OSDownloads Pro is the easiest way to add downloads to Joomla.

OSDownloads gives you an flexible and reliable Joomla downloads directory. OSDownloads can store and share files on your computer and on remote services such as Dropbox, Box.com, Google Drive and Amazon.

OSDownloads also integrates directly to MailChimp and Constant Contact so you can collect emails in exchange for downloads. You can use OSDownloads to increase the number of your newsletter subscribers. Or you can just have emails on file so that the users who download can be contacted later.

The Pro version of OSDownloads comes with over a dozen extra features including email validation, requesting Tweets or Facebook Likes for downloads, publishing dates for downloads, integration with Joomla articles and much more!

Manage and distribute your files​

OSDownloads allows you to manage files with the native Joomla interface, and make them available for your visitors to download.

Deliver local or remote files​

OSDownloads supports your files, no matter where they're located. You can decide to upload the file, or enter the URL if the file in on Amazon, Dropbox, Box or another service.

Categorize your Joomla download files​

OSDownloads has support for categories to help you keep files organized. You can apply permissions to these categories to that only some user groups have file access.

Collect emails in exchange for downloads​

You can require vistors to enter a valid email in order to get a download. OSDownloads can then send those emails to Mailchimp and Constant Contact.

Responsive support​

OSDownloads looks great on both desktop to mobile. The design is clean and includes space for your introduction, plus text before and after the download button.

Add custom fields to your Joomla downloads​

OSDownloads Pro allows you to add Joomla's custom fields to your downloads, so you can show lots more information about your files.

Collect more user data​

OSDownloads enables you to collect an email in exchange for downloads. With the Pro version, you can also use Joomla's custom fields to ask for more details such as name, phone and interests during the download process.

Social sharing to unlock Joomla downloads​

OSDownloads provides more ways to unlock downloads. For example, you can ask users to tweet or like your site on Facebook in order to reach the download.
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